Riffle Candy

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The last Tuesday of August was a great day on the South Fork.  We try to hit this famous fishery during the week.  Less boats.  Less competition for the riffles.  We used emergers, basically anything with a pinkish hue, and found the riffles a winning place to be, especially the ones in the middle of the big river where the live water runs across the rock in a mezzanine structure.  The flies floated over the drop-offs where larger trout were salivating and ready to nip, tuck and run with them.  Alex hooked into a big rainbow and just lost it after a battle to the flats.  His big brother was lingering downstream in a side channel and waiting for Alex to find him.



Our friend had his way and landed a nice cutthroat.  After financial meetings and being on call, we saw his face light up.  My larger fish was out there I knew, but I hadn’t been able to capitalize on all the casts and the missed hook-sets.  I was paying attention, forgetting the rest of the world, and that’s when it happened.  My cutthroat was golden in color and shimmered in the sunlight.  This trout couldn’t wait for me to drop him back in.  He was happy to go looking for more riffle candy.  Click here for information on fly fishing properties for sale.

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