Flying Goose on the Fly

August 30, 2010 by Macye Leave a reply »

flyinggoosefish3Not too far from Jackson Hole, just passed Kelly, Wyoming, Alex and I had the privilege of fly fishing a majestic and intimate setting (Alex and John Turner have the Flying Goose Ranch listed for sale with our company Live Water Properties).  We drove along a curving road above the Slide Lake area.  As we descended down towards the Gros Ventre River, the warm breeze came in through the Ford windows.  We drove in through the gate and parked in a grassy pull-out to gear up.  The evening warm, we felt the sun and could look down into the crystalline water.  Were there trout down there?  Nothing seemed to move but when we began to fish the tides turned!

flying-goose2At Flying Goose the fish were swimming and feeding where we predicted.  And tonight they were actively feeding at the surface.  I had on a buggy fly:  a big and bushy grasshopper.  I couldn’t tease fish out of the faster water that flowed and built momentum after running over the river rock.  Since I missed them, Alex went for it.  A large and silver trout swooshed from below, water exploding.  The trout landed, we smiled.  Yep, exactly where we predicted a large and wild trout would be. 

My turn.  I walked up the island and cast from the bank.  The far side was fraught with a nice foam line.  I cast a couple of times yet was too sloppy to be able to fool a creature.  Then I hit a rhythm and the trout seemed to pop, several of them on one drift.  They teased me, and then the biggest one ate.  All of a sudden my line was tight.  The cutthroat was a “Keeper”, of size, perhaps 18 inches, but of course we landed it and let it go.  It was slippery so the video footage was not quite sound, when Alex realized he was on “standby”.  Oh, the joys of technology.  It just means we will have to head up and do a repeat performance.  For a lady who hasn’t fished much this summer, the fall beckons me back to the Flying Goose.

We finished up at the home on the banks of the Gros Ventre, just before it spills out into Slide Lake.  Dusk turned to dark and the night was even more beautiful than the openness of the day.  The darkness provided a mystique to the backcountry, a backcountry that has forest on one side, a river down the heart and the Tetons in the distance.

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