Jackson Hole Trout Unlimited Clean-up Day

June 11, 2012 by Haley Leave a reply »

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In May 2012, members and friends joined the Jackson Hole Trout Unlimited (JHTU) board in giving their time to clean up Flat Creek during the Town of Jackson’s Spring Clean Up.

It’s hard not to make friends when you are walking along your town stream and straining to find trash on the shores of Flat Creek. This stream project takes place once a year; the banks were relatively clean. The water ripples by, almost imperceptibly rising with spring run-off. However the current is ripe with foam, places where trout will break the surface for a dry fly come July.

Macye Maher and her son Beckett (age 6), Tote Turner and his children, Jana (age 6) and Johnny (age 4), Hunter Huemann, Henry Cadwalader, Jay McLaurin and Ron Stevens were in attendance. The trophy clean-up was a misplaced tire. Now the trout can have extra breathing room.

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