Montana Fly Fishing Trip

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Rainbow trout caught on Coyote Creek Ranch

Waking up at 4 A.M. is only enjoyable if the woods or the river is involved. We watched the sunrise as we traveled over the Teton Pass on our way to fish Montana Live Water. We had big plans to enjoy the next two days fishing the waters of Montana for the first time. It proved to be an angler’s heaven. With turn-offs and public access to waters around every corner, we were amazed at how much passion the entire state of Montana has for fishing. 

Our first stop was the newly listed, Coyote Creek Ranch. With a slight detour on our route, we arrived at the idyllic ranch, complete with horse stables and corral. To the right of the truck, we could see fish rising out of the pond, taking every fly they could get into their mouth. This got us stoked to see what we would pull out of the water, a mere twenty yards from the back porch of the house. Needless to say, we caught strikingly colorful trout, including this rainbow above, painted with a deep red stripe down its side.

The next stop on our trip was the Lord Ranch on Trout Creek located in Philipsburg, Montana. This property was a blast to fish. With 1.5 miles of creek running through the property, fish were rising for our caddis flies at every bend. We landed the fly on the grassy bank and let it fall into the water and within seconds of the cast, we had a strike. It was a encouraging to compete with each other. We chased each other from bend to bend, racing to find the next fish.


At the close of the first day on Trout Creek, we prepared for the next full day of fishing. The campsite adjacent to Cottonwood Creek in Clyde Park, provided a short drive to the Ranch on Sweet Grass Creek in Big Timber, Montana. Sweet Grass is a beautiful ranch that is nearly prime for fishing, yet we decided get on the road to our next stop at the Antelope Creek Ranch.

Located on top of the Yellowstone River, we drove through hay fields to get to the stocked pond, which was about 200 yards from the bank of the river. We fished both the pond and the river with great success throwing nymphs along each bank. It was a great time walking upstream with easy wade fishing all along the property.


We finally headed home along the Gallatin River through Yellowstone National Park, stopping along the way to catch rainbows when the summer rain took a hiatus. Overall, we both agree that Montana is truly the ultimate angler’s home, and the trip was counted as a success!



Article By: Wright Cox, Live Water Properties’ Associate

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