Flat Creek: Open for Business

August 6, 2013 by Jessica Leave a reply »

Flat Creek2  Flat Creek 5 Flat Creek4

We tried our luck on the Flat Creek in the National Elk Refuge yesterday, and it was a blast. Flat Creek is a unique stretch of water that grants anglers with a beautiful view of the Teton Range. With the tall grass that lines the bank of the water, anglers are forced to sneak up as close to the bank as possible and camouflage themselves in order to not be seen by the fish. The only fish of the day was caught while laying down on the grassy bank in order to hide from the fish that was rising just 10 feet away. Flat Creek gives you the same feeling as an early morning hunt because the angler must walk lightly along the bank looking for rises, but still remaining incognito from the finicky trout.

Wright Cox, Live Water Properties Associate

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