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Best Fly Fishing Towns

August 20th, 2009

0819_trout-fishing_missoula_400x2801Forbes came out with this list of towns close to some of the best fly fishing waters in North America.  This list is helpful to explain the different diverse regions of North American trout fishing.

Toponce Creek Ranch Improvements

August 17th, 2009

new-pivots-for-blogThe owners of Toponce Creek Ranch in Bancroft, Idaho, have improved an already exceptional agricultural property by making it even more efficient and productive. Hand lines and wheel lines have been replaced with three pivots, two that irrigate barley and one that waters a healthy crop of alfalfa.  » More: Toponce Creek Ranch Improvements

Green River Trout Ranch

August 12th, 2009

A friend and I wade fished the Green River Trout Ranch in Wyoming on Saturday.  The fish were not taking any of our dry fly offerings but we switched to streamers and began catching fish.  All the fish caught were solid 15″-20″ fish, with no smaller fish.  The big cutthroat pictured was caught on the last cast of the day and had a small rainbow trout hanging out of its mouth when landed.  We caught most of our fish on sculpin patterns such as Galloup’s Zoo Cougar, Galloup’s yellow Sex Dungeons, Silvey’s Sculpin, and JJ Specials.



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Streamers on the New Fork

July 15th, 2009

Some friends of mine from the office floated the New Fork River to the south of Boulder on Sunday and had great success ripping streamers during the cloudy periods.   Using big ugly streamers such as yellow sex dungeons, zoo cougars, and various other sculpin imitations they took browns up to 24.5  inches (pictured to the left).  The fish were all hard fighters, often jumping several times before coming to the net.  The New Fork is truly one of the best rivers in the Rocky Mountain West and is yet to be discovered by most.  24.5-brownbrian-brown

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Fishing on the New Fork on the Bar Cross Ranch

July 6th, 2009


Great day of fishing on Wyoming’s New Fork on the Bar Cross Ranch yesterday.  A thick grey drake hatch had big browns sipping duns and emergers off the surface.  Three guys each landed about ten fish each, and lost several more.  The biggest was a fat 22″ brown pictured here, but several likely bigger fish got away.

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The New Fork River – Private Refuge for Trophy Trout

June 18th, 2009

New Fork Brown

New Fork Brown

A watershed’s ability to provide sanctuary for both the angler and the trout is an important and often overlooked attribute of prime trout water.  As more people learn about the outdoor opportunities in the high deserts of the western United States, the pursuit of solitude here can be a challenge.  Fortunately, the West has an abundance of trout-filled waters that largely flow through public lands, and on some occasions you experience that riffle or run all to yourself.  However, imagine a wild, freestone stream that has the fertile growth of a tailwater without the crowds!  The New Fork River of the Green River drainage in Western Wyoming has these characteristics and more.  The river flows over ninety percent of its length through vast private ranchlands, which protects the resident browns’, rainbows’ and cutthroats’ refuge from constant angling bombardment.

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The Shoulder Seasons of Jackson Hole

June 18th, 2009

A frequently asked question during the busy summer fishing season is: what do I consider to be the best time to fish our rivers in the area?  I generally have to laugh as the angler up front hooks yet another nice fish on a large dry fly and the person behind me is so awe struck by the scenery and cobalt sky that he or she is not too concerned about the catching.  My initial thought is what most everyone prefers, the peak summer months, which are July, August and September. Then I begin to recall truly incredible excursions almost every month of the year, so after releasing a solid 15inch trout from the net I look at the guy and comment that April and October are the best times in my opinion.  Again, I laugh as he looks back and says “but is it not snowy and cold then,” as everyone assumes.

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Green Valley Land Trust and Bar Cross Ranch

June 18th, 2009

Bar Cross Ranch, Cora, WyomingStanding on a the edge of a butte on theBar Cross Ranch affords a beautiful view—of the canyons and spires of the Wind River Range to the north and east and the verdant irrigated meadows and bottomland to the south.  In fact, it is this very site with this incredible view that we chose as the location for our Annual Donor Appreciation Picnic this year.  But, this is just one of about six sites we considered, as this beautiful 11,000+-acre property has a lot of special spots. » More: Green Valley Land Trust and Bar Cross Ranch

Live Water in the High Desert

June 16th, 2009



Across the American West there are dozens of hallowed trout waters, all unique with a variety of species, scenery and overall experiences to offer. As our world populous grows, we as fly fishers have the need to fulfill not only the heart-pounding excitement of a powerful trout on the line but also the mind cleansing quality of serene solitude. One special drainage south of Jackson Hole has the ingredients to satiate the hard core angler as well as the river romantic – the Upper Green River and its main tributary, the New Fork River.

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Stream Enhancement Projects

June 16th, 2009


As with most things in life, there is always room for improvement and trout streams are not an exception. Whether it is to correct things that are affecting stream quality or enrich what is currently there, there are companies that specialize in improving your trout waters.

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