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SOLD! Flying Heart Ranch on the Green

August 24th, 2010


SOLD! Down on Green River, 90 minutes from Jackson Hole and 25 minutes from Pinedale, is the premier Flying Heart Ranch on the Green.  The property is comprised of 1,780 acres with 3½ miles of Wyoming’s famous Green River.  These river miles encompass both banks, and this section of the Green is the most private.  Opportunistic and aggressive brown trout lurk in these waters and provide exciting angling in deep pools and riffles.  Additionally, the river corridor hosts a variety of wildlife, including moose, Mule deer, antelope, fox, bald eagles and osprey.  » More: SOLD! Flying Heart Ranch on the Green

Fishing on the Wind River Indian Reservation

August 23rd, 2010


Bill Healey of Live Water Properties caught a nice brown trout on the Wind River Indian Reservation in July while fishing with friends.  He landed the trout just before the group stopped for lunch.  Of course, the fish wasn’t part of the midday meal; he was happily released back into the river waters.

Sublette County Gold

July 12th, 2010


brian3Brian Hartley of Live Water Properties landed a 24.5-25″ brown on Sunday on a Green Silvey’s Sculpin on the New Fork River.

Big Brown Caught on the Henry’s Fork

June 30th, 2010

imgp2731imgp2733Carlos Ordonez of Live Water Properties caught a nice brown trout one Sunday in June on the Henry’s Fork.

Monster Brown Trout

September 16th, 2009


A Georgia angler caught this giant brown trout on the campgrounds section of the Green River in early August.  Weighing in at approximately 12.5 pounds and 30″ in length, this brown trout was a monster.  

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Fishing on the New Fork on the Bar Cross Ranch

July 6th, 2009


Great day of fishing on Wyoming’s New Fork on the Bar Cross Ranch yesterday.  A thick grey drake hatch had big browns sipping duns and emergers off the surface.  Three guys each landed about ten fish each, and lost several more.  The biggest was a fat 22″ brown pictured here, but several likely bigger fish got away.

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A Sanctuary on the Lower Big Hole River

June 24th, 2009


Ahh, Montana, Montana ranches, Montana rivers…Perhaps the state most gifted with beautiful crystalline rivers and streams that flow cold, filled with wild trout.  Nestled in the state’s southwestern region lies arguably the most prolific blue ribbon water in the entire West – the Big Hole Basin of the Upper Missouri River watershed. These waters provide diversity and sanctuary to the surrounding arid, yet stunning landscape. Within minutes from the quaint town of Twin Bridges, Montana, there are four river drainages that each offer world-class angling with obvious unique differences and charm – the Big Hole, the Beaverhead, the Ruby and the Jefferson.  On the Big Hole River, fly fishing has always been an integral part of the community and the river has earned a status and respect that resonates across the fly fishing world and is considered one of the most diverse and dynamic watersheds in all of the western United States.

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The New Fork River – Private Refuge for Trophy Trout

June 18th, 2009

New Fork Brown

New Fork Brown

A watershed’s ability to provide sanctuary for both the angler and the trout is an important and often overlooked attribute of prime trout water.  As more people learn about the outdoor opportunities in the high deserts of the western United States, the pursuit of solitude here can be a challenge.  Fortunately, the West has an abundance of trout-filled waters that largely flow through public lands, and on some occasions you experience that riffle or run all to yourself.  However, imagine a wild, freestone stream that has the fertile growth of a tailwater without the crowds!  The New Fork River of the Green River drainage in Western Wyoming has these characteristics and more.  The river flows over ninety percent of its length through vast private ranchlands, which protects the resident browns’, rainbows’ and cutthroats’ refuge from constant angling bombardment.

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Live Water in the High Desert

June 16th, 2009



Across the American West there are dozens of hallowed trout waters, all unique with a variety of species, scenery and overall experiences to offer. As our world populous grows, we as fly fishers have the need to fulfill not only the heart-pounding excitement of a powerful trout on the line but also the mind cleansing quality of serene solitude. One special drainage south of Jackson Hole has the ingredients to satiate the hard core angler as well as the river romantic – the Upper Green River and its main tributary, the New Fork River.

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