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Fishing the Gros Ventre River

September 17th, 2009

flying-goose3resizedLast week, Ernie Cockrell and I floated the section of the Gros Ventre River just above Slide Lake.  We launched at the first bridge crossing and floated down to the Flying Goose Ranch.  We had good action with yellow hoppers and Adams above the canyon with a few cuttys pushing 16-18 inches.  Things slowed down in the canyon, but picked up again as we entered the Flying Goose Ranch.  Overall a great day on the river.

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Avery MacMillan lands a cutthroat

September 2nd, 2009


Avery MacMillan landed a cutthroat trout yesterday on an unnamed creek in Idaho.  As the youngest member of the Live Water team, Avery has been fishing for the past two summers.  The trout was released unharmed.

The Shoulder Seasons of Jackson Hole

June 18th, 2009

A frequently asked question during the busy summer fishing season is: what do I consider to be the best time to fish our rivers in the area?  I generally have to laugh as the angler up front hooks yet another nice fish on a large dry fly and the person behind me is so awe struck by the scenery and cobalt sky that he or she is not too concerned about the catching.  My initial thought is what most everyone prefers, the peak summer months, which are July, August and September. Then I begin to recall truly incredible excursions almost every month of the year, so after releasing a solid 15inch trout from the net I look at the guy and comment that April and October are the best times in my opinion.  Again, I laugh as he looks back and says “but is it not snowy and cold then,” as everyone assumes.

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The Yellowstone River – Beyond Paradise Valley

June 16th, 2009

loweryellowstoneranch-013Descending out of the northern mountains and forests of the country’s first National Park, the Yellowstone River leads a legacy of American history. Since the days of Lewis and Clark, this river has created legendary lore; some of which centers around the river’s bountiful wild trout.

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