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A Saturday in September: Fishing on the Snake River

September 21st, 2011

By: Macye Maher
Today Beckett (5) and I went with Scott Smith and fished from the dam at Jackson Lake to Pacific Creek.  It was epic.  A chilly wind and powerful sunshine created a decadent fishing atmosphere.  Beckett caught three cutthroat on a dry fly, all of which just surprised Scott and me to no end.  The cast grew better and better.  The first cutty took on a skating fly and the other two we watched very visual trout “takes”, and when we told Beckett to set, he did urgently.  He fought them well, and afterwards gave thumbs up and a smile.  He is a patient and happy angler, loves the boat and went barefoot the whole day. 

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Photographs courtesy of Scott Smith » More: A Saturday in September: Fishing on the Snake River

Jackson Hole One Fly Event A Success!

September 19th, 2011

By: Macye Maher, Owner/Manager

The Jackson Hole One Fly  is a much anticipated event every September that supports yearlong conservation and fly fishing education.  Annually Live Water Properties sponsors a team and this year’s members included:  Team Captain Alex Maher of Live Water Properties, Jim Finley of Finley Resources, Jonathan Scott of First Interstate Bank, Mike Fitzgerald, Jr. of Frontiers International Travel, Carlos Ordonez of Live Water Properties, William P. Healey of Live Water Properties and Greg Kerley of Southwestern Energy.   Matt MacMillan of Live Water Properties was a part of the WorldCast Anglers’ team.  All of these men actively fish the world over. » More: Jackson Hole One Fly Event A Success!

Legacy Spring Creek Ranch – Come Fishing With Us!

May 19th, 2011

Legacy Spring Creek Ranch  – Springfield, Idaho

This 671-acre ranch is arguably the finest waterfowl property in the entire state of Idaho. It is located 2.5 hours from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 2 hours from Driggs, Idaho, and 2.5 hours from Salt Lake City. Legacy Spring Creek ranch has over 3 miles of spring creeks located next to the 56,000-acre American Falls Reservoir in Springfield, Idaho. This combination coupled with a productive agricultural component and with the ability to grow key food crops, creates the perfect storm for record numbers of ducks and geese. It is not uncommon to see thousands of mallards and Canada geese loafing on the spring-fed creek systems and grain fields. An array of both game and non-game birds frequent the ranch including Widgeon, Teal, Gadwall, Canvasback and diving ducks. The ranch harbors a robust wild pheasant population to keep any bird hunter occupied after a morning in the blind. For the angler, large trout in excess of 30” cruise these waterways and provide a size class of fish rarely seen in a wild system. The most prominent species are rainbow and cutt-bows, and massive brown trout have been caught on the property. This turnkey operation offers a 5-bedroom home, a garage/shop with gunroom and bird cleaning facilities, plus equipment necessary to enjoy the Legacy Spring Creek Ranch immediately.

The One that Got Away

August 25th, 2010

billcuttyBill Healey of Live Water Properties caught a 19-inch cutty on the Snake River yesterday.  The fish slipped away just before Bill could turn around for a picture.  Bill appears empty-handed in the photo just after the trout got away.  The group floated from Deadman’s Bar to Moose Landing on the Snake River.

Fishing on Lewis Lake in Yellowstone National Park

June 28th, 2010



On an un-crowded boating day in June, Alex and Macye of Live Water Properties, discovered solace and excitement along the shores of the Lewis Lake in Yellowstone National Park.  The drift boat churned through the water and then anchored.  With stunning clouds hovering, Alex and Macye found a place where sandy bottom mixed with darker volcanic rocks.  Anchoring, they geared up and almost played like they were in saltwater, side strikes and beefy hook sets looking to achieve the results:  lake trout, some more silver, others tempered brown, again and again into the net.  It was a blast.

Team USA in the Jackson Hole One Fly

October 2nd, 2009

Photo courtesy of Neal Henderson with Reaction Photo

Photo courtesy of Neal Henderson of Reaction Photo.

Alex Maher and Brian Hartley of Live Water Properties rounded out a team of exceptional anglers to form TEAM USA in the 24th Annual Jackson Hole One Fly competition. Maher posted a lofty score during “Saturday’s competition with numerous quality cutthroat between 15-18” – his secret weapon was a small black terrestrial which was deadly in the braiding side-channels. Hartley was assigned the often overlooked whitewater section from West Table to Sheep Gulch.  Given the low pressure system that had moved in and the ominous cloud cover, he opted to fish sub-surface with a clouser minnow variation. » More: Team USA in the Jackson Hole One Fly

Riffle Candy

September 3rd, 2009


The last Tuesday of August was a great day on the South Fork.  We try to hit this famous fishery during the week.  Less boats.  Less competition for the riffles.  We used emergers, basically anything with a pinkish hue, and found the riffles a winning place to be, especially the ones in the middle of the big river where the live water runs across the rock in a mezzanine structure.  The flies floated over the drop-offs where larger trout were salivating and ready to nip, tuck and run with them.  Alex hooked into a big rainbow and just lost it after a battle to the flats.  His big brother was lingering downstream in a side channel and waiting for Alex to find him. » More: Riffle Candy