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Private Fishing on New Fork Meadows

November 11th, 2009


The trout in these pictures are a good representation of the healthy fish thriving in the fishery located on our newest ranch listing, New Fork Meadows, located in Pinedale, Wyoming.  A small private meadow fishery, the New Fork River in its upper stretches provides exceptional habitat for rainbow, brown and cutthroat trout to thrive.  For more information on New Fork Meadows, please click here. » More: Private Fishing on New Fork Meadows

Fishing on the Lewis Channel

October 28th, 2009


Bitter cold on Sunday but a very productive day on the Lewis Channel in Yellowstone (btw Lewis and Shoshone Lake). I landed 10+ fish over 18″ and lost a few more that looked to be much, much larger. » More: Fishing on the Lewis Channel

Team USA in the Jackson Hole One Fly

October 2nd, 2009

Photo courtesy of Neal Henderson with Reaction Photo

Photo courtesy of Neal Henderson of Reaction Photo.

Alex Maher and Brian Hartley of Live Water Properties rounded out a team of exceptional anglers to form TEAM USA in the 24th Annual Jackson Hole One Fly competition. Maher posted a lofty score during “Saturday’s competition with numerous quality cutthroat between 15-18” – his secret weapon was a small black terrestrial which was deadly in the braiding side-channels. Hartley was assigned the often overlooked whitewater section from West Table to Sheep Gulch.  Given the low pressure system that had moved in and the ominous cloud cover, he opted to fish sub-surface with a clouser minnow variation. » More: Team USA in the Jackson Hole One Fly

Fishing on the Flying Goose Ranch

September 23rd, 2009


The fishing on our newest listing, the Flying Goose Ranch, on the Gros Ventre River is fantastic. Red hot cuttys coming strong to dry flies.  The dimples on the water in the last image are of rising fish – it looked like the water was boiling with big heads (I broke one off by a massive cutty just as the sun was setting).   For more information on the Flying Goose Ranch, click here.

  » More: Fishing on the Flying Goose Ranch

Fishing the Gros Ventre River

September 17th, 2009

flying-goose3resizedLast week, Ernie Cockrell and I floated the section of the Gros Ventre River just above Slide Lake.  We launched at the first bridge crossing and floated down to the Flying Goose Ranch.  We had good action with yellow hoppers and Adams above the canyon with a few cuttys pushing 16-18 inches.  Things slowed down in the canyon, but picked up again as we entered the Flying Goose Ranch.  Overall a great day on the river.

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Riffle Candy

September 3rd, 2009


The last Tuesday of August was a great day on the South Fork.  We try to hit this famous fishery during the week.  Less boats.  Less competition for the riffles.  We used emergers, basically anything with a pinkish hue, and found the riffles a winning place to be, especially the ones in the middle of the big river where the live water runs across the rock in a mezzanine structure.  The flies floated over the drop-offs where larger trout were salivating and ready to nip, tuck and run with them.  Alex hooked into a big rainbow and just lost it after a battle to the flats.  His big brother was lingering downstream in a side channel and waiting for Alex to find him. » More: Riffle Candy

Avery MacMillan lands a cutthroat

September 2nd, 2009


Avery MacMillan landed a cutthroat trout yesterday on an unnamed creek in Idaho.  As the youngest member of the Live Water team, Avery has been fishing for the past two summers.  The trout was released unharmed.

Green Valley Land Trust and Bar Cross Ranch

June 18th, 2009

Bar Cross Ranch, Cora, WyomingStanding on a the edge of a butte on theBar Cross Ranch affords a beautiful view—of the canyons and spires of the Wind River Range to the north and east and the verdant irrigated meadows and bottomland to the south.  In fact, it is this very site with this incredible view that we chose as the location for our Annual Donor Appreciation Picnic this year.  But, this is just one of about six sites we considered, as this beautiful 11,000+-acre property has a lot of special spots. » More: Green Valley Land Trust and Bar Cross Ranch

Stream Enhancement Projects

June 16th, 2009


As with most things in life, there is always room for improvement and trout streams are not an exception. Whether it is to correct things that are affecting stream quality or enrich what is currently there, there are companies that specialize in improving your trout waters.

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