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October Hunting Excitement

November 4th, 2011

As kids we grow up looking forward to the Christmas season. Even before school starts in the fall we are counting down the days until Christmas morning.  Many hunters feel that way about October and hunting season. Live Water Properties showcases two first-timers in their big game hunting excitement this October. 

Cole Janssen, son of Live Water Properties Broker, Craig Janssen is pictured with Cole’s first Whitetail deer in Gallatin County, Montana. 

Chris Deming, husband of LWP Marketing Director, Haley Deming is pictured with his first elk in Fremont County, Wyoming.  » More: October Hunting Excitement

Hunting on Running Colter Ranch

November 19th, 2009


Brian Hartley of Live Water Properties and Jimmy Blackburn hunted on Halloween weekend on Running Colter Ranch in Manhattan, Montana. Jackson, the English Setter, was patient as the two hunted for Rooster Pheasant. The premium sporting property is incredibly restored and is an excellent habitat for trout, Whitetail deer, pheasant, ducks and the occasional covey of Hungarian Partridge.

» More: Hunting on Running Colter Ranch